Monday, November 11, 2013

a modern day Shimon ben Shetach

A Rabbi in New Haven bought a desk on Craig's list and discovered $98,000 stashed in a drawer.  (Don't ask me how someone can forget about $98,000.)  Aviedas aku"m, right?  Well, he returned the money and the kiddush Hashem made the news:

Yerushalmi (B.M. 2:5):  The talmidim of Shimon ben Shetach bought a donkey for their teacher from a non-Jewish merchant and they discovered a jewel on the donkey.  Shimon ben Shetach insisted on returning it. They asked, "But aviedas aku"m is permitted?"  To which is answered, "Is Shimon ben Shetach a barbarian!"

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  1. There's no telling what's going on in heaven or understanding darkei Hashem, but I wouldn't be surprised if the famalia shelm maala is now obligated to figure out out how to get him even more in a way that will ensure that he keeps it.