Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Everyone gets to leave Mitzrayim

Moshe argues to Pharoah at the beginning of parshas Bo that men, women, old, and even young children should be allowed to leave Mitzrayim "ki chag l'Hashem lanu". Pharoah, however, counters that only the men need to go to bring korbanos "ki osah atem mevakshim", for after all, that is the purpose of Moshe's request to go.

There is a machlokes Rishonim (see Rambam and Ra'avad perek 1 of hil chagiga, Tos kiddushin 34, Sha'agas Arye #66) whether a woman is obligated in bringing shalmei simcha, or whether she is yotzei by eating her husband's korban, or whether her kiyum of simchas haregel has nothing to do with korbanos whatsoever.

Pharoah's contention was even if you want a "chag l'Hashem", still, the chiyuv for korbanos would only be on the men. Moshe Rabeinu, however, held that even if the men did the hakravah, the din if simcha was inclusive of everyone in the family.

(My wife never likes when I try these type divrei Torah, trying to boil a machlokes rishonim down into the pesukim, especially when Pharoah ends up holding like one tzad. I, on the other hand, get tremendous oneg Shabbos from seforim like the Parashas Derachim which do this all the time.)

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