Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Preparation for Shabbos - Bais Shamai vs. Bais Hillel

Beitzah 16 has a machlokes Bais Shamai and Bais Hillel regarding preparing for Shabbos. When Shamai would shop during the week, if he found a delicacy in the market, he would put it aside for Shabbos. Hillel, however, practiced the middah of "Baruch Hashem Yom Yom", eating what he found during the week and assuming that on erev Shabbos when he went shopping he would find what he needed for Shabbos. R' Tzadok haKohein explains that this reflected their philosophical outlook. Shamai assumed the ultimate tikkun can only be in the future world of Shabbos, and any good that we achieve in this world needs to be stored for that day. Hillel, however, assumed that the good of this world has a place during our mundane day to day existance as well. My wife suggested that this relates to the idea found in chassidishe seforim that we pasken like Bais Hillel now, but when Mashiach and the day of ultimate Shabbos comes then the halacha will be like Bais Shamai. Lulei d'mistafina I would add to her thought that one of the reasons we pasken like Bais Hillel is because of the "bas kol" which endorsed their opinion (see Eiruvin 13). There are different madreigos of nevuah and ruach hakodesh - see Ramban Baba Basra 13. Perhaps the halacha is like Bais Hillel pre-geulah precisely because the endorsement of Hillel's views was revealed on the madreiga of "bas kol" - l'asid lavo, when we will one again live in a time with there is a hisgalus of nevuah, the halacha itself may be in accordance with that higher madreiga.