Monday, April 10, 2006

Forced achila by bracha and by matzah (II)

The MG"A asked why if you are coerced to eat, you recite no bracha, but "bala matzah yatzah" because han'ah validates the act of eating as willful even if done under duress - if so, say a bracha because of the hana'ah? Bill Selliger answered in the comments that the hana'ah does turn the ma'aseh achila into a willful act, but there is a seperate din that a bracha should not be recited over a hana'ah that comes ba'al korcho. I was thinking of a similar approach, but with a slightly different twist. My chakira: is the mechayeiv of bracha the hana'ah which happens to come b'derech achila, or is the mechyeiv the ma'aseh achila provided it gives hana'ah? If you assume the cheftza shel hana'ah is the mechayeiv (the first tzad) one could perhaps say that hana'ah can make the ma'aseh into a willful act, but is not a cheftza shel hana'ah which would be mechayeiv a bracha. I think there are other ways to answer this...


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