Thursday, June 29, 2006

the situation in Israel

I have nothing to add to what you have undoubtedly read elsewhere about the situation in Israel, but do not want anyone to misconstrue silence as disinterest. I do not understand why here in chutz la’aretz there seems to be no sense of urgency about the situation and no vocal show of solidarity with the State. I usually daven shacharis in what could be described as a shule supportive of the State, which makes it a point of reciting hallel on yom ha'atzmaut, yet with soldiers poised to enter Gaza, with lives hanging in the balance, no one thought to say some extra tehillim after davening, no one called for extra limud haTorah, life goes on business as usual. Are you yotzei with hallel once a year and an orange ribbon!? Am Yisrael desperately needs leadership with courage, vision, and moral backbone to direct us in these difficult times, but no one seems to be able to step up to provide the needed inspiration. If you can, take a moment to reflect on the situation and maybe direct a tefilah or zechus of limud hatorah l’shem those living in and defending Eretz Yisrael. Every drop of chizuk counts.


  1. No, that's not necessarily true (that everyone in the diaspora is without a sense of urgency regarding the situation in eretz Israel). Life has not gone on "as usual" for me for many years. It's on my mind and the soldier was in my dream (see tunnel captive) the other morning, in fact.