Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Israel, Iran, and laundry detergent -- the pressing issues

If there are any Jews out there left who plan to vote Democrat, please, just jump off a bridge or something.  If you are suicidal and want to do what is in our worst interest, at least do it privately so it has no effect on me.  The week in review:

* The Democrat party rejection of support for Jerusalem/Israel before one of the ringleaders overturned the vote (while the convention booed in response) to avoid political damage.

* The sonei yisrael in the White House refuses to meet Netanyahu (his schedule is full -- with fundraisers, campaigning, and golf.)

* The apology issued to those who broke into the embassy in Egypt and ripped the flag to shreds.  Sorry -- please excuse us for living.  Can we give you some Jews to kill to make up for it? 

This is on top of 3+ years of doing nothing about Iran, providing aid and comfort to our enemies, pushing us against the wall.  (And that's just viz a viz Israel.  There are plenty of other reasons to vote against Obama too.)

And where are our so-called Democratic Jewish friends?  Where is Chuck Schumer, the guy we Jews in NY run to vote for?  Why, he's busy giving press conferences to encourage clearer labels on laundry detergent.  What could be more important in these critical times than laundry detergent labels?  Where is senile Ed Koch, who so recently gave his vote of confidence to Obama on Israel?  Where is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz-Rumkowski, the court Jew?  And pray tell, where are all the major Jewish organizations and their political clout who always throw their weight behind Democatic candidates?  What a joke.

We are in for very tough times.  The saddest part is that Jews will keep pulling the level for D in the voting booth, that thousands of Jewish seniors will pull D because they have done so since the days of Roosevelt and Truman and thinking that's the ticket to their social security check, that thousands of others have no idea what is going on and don't care.

I'm sick of it all.


  1. Remember how few Jews actually decided to leave Mitzrayim. And Bavel. And that there will be Jews in the armies of Gog U'Magog...

    At least the most of the Jews voting D are doing so for deeply-held religious principles: abortion, social justice, assimilation... Don't criticize people for their religion.

  2. As for Ed Koch, as you said, he is senile, so he is beyond criticism. Schumer [the Rebbe of Weiner] and DWS-R, on the other hand ... Hashem lo Yerachem.

  3. You're smarter and more thoughtful than this post.

    And Koch just got out of the hospital.

  4. re: Nephtuli
    What precisely about this post do you disagree with, either in content or in presentation?

    I am eager to learn, and expand my horizons. Because I read the post as an anguished outcry in the sense of "If it hurts, you scream." And certainly the facts presented are incontestable, are they not?

    Perhaps it is precisely the smartness and thoughtfulness that were expressed in this post. Again,
    I am eager to learn.

  5. chaim b.7:06 PM


    I anticipated a comment like yours. What you don't get is that when your house is on fire, it's not time to sit and reflect and ponder -- it's time to run screaming in the streets.
    Iran doesn't worry you, the sinas yisrael in the White House doesn't bother you, in NY today they banned metzitzah b'peh, that also doesn't bother you -- let's not jump to hasty conclusions, right? So I just want to know when will you be bothered? When they ban milah in NY completely (the Germans, always the first to be "humane," beat Bloomberg to the punch). When they ban shechita, as they have been trying to do in Europe for years -- again, on humanitarian grounds, not due to anti-semitism, of course. When Iran has a nuke and tells the US that if they interfere with an attack on Israel they will target Europe as well? Will it bother you then, and wake you from your thoughtful reverie? Or do you need to wait until you have a yellow star on your clothes and are living behind closed walls? Or maybe when they are holding a gun to your head and tell you to show up at the train station in the morning to be moved to a "labor" camp? Well, even then, there are those who will plead with us to cooperate and just go along and things will be OK. WAKE UP!!!!!
    I usually don't bother to write posts like this because I just think it makes no difference. Nothing can waken the slumbering Jews of America -- nothing. We are doomed.
    What a pleasant thought to end the week on.

  6. R' Chaim, let's be precise, not Democrat. NYC did not ban metzitzah b'peh, it created a requirement for a signed waiver by the parents before allowing it. This is, so far, a critical difference. However, you are absolutely correct - this is a warning shot in a war against yidishkeit, based on absolutely no evidence, and driven by a hatred of frumkeit.

    Driven, as usual, by the feine yidden like the mayor of NYC, who married a shikseh, whose children are goyim, and who is currently living with a shikseh, who attends Mass on xmas...

    R' Elyashiv, ZTz"L said years ago that while there are halachic leniencies regarding metzizah b'peh, and he had given heterim in that regard, he would no longer do so because we are now in a period of gezeiras shmad. The vision of the Gedolim...

    And yes, "What a pleasant thought to end the week on." And end the year on.

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  8. This is the type of stuff one would read in the Yated, where the culture of victimhood is endemic and alarmism is ideological.

    There is no "sinas yisroel" in the White House. Obama's Israel policy is virtually identical to his predecessors and far more pro-Israel than 99% of world leaders.

    No one is banning bris melah. That's ludicrous. Rabbi Tendler has spoken out against MBP. Is he an antisemite too?

    Do you really not see a difference between the government's requiring parents to sign a consent about MBP and forcing Jews to wear a Jewish star? How does someone who writes the type of posts that you do think these two are even in the same universe?

    Do you really think 75% of Jews vote democrat only because they want social security checks or because they "have no idea what is going on and don't care?" Or could it be they just see things different than you do?