Tuesday, October 02, 2012

nisuch hamayim - elevating lost souls

The Torah tells us that during the six days of creation G-d had to separate between upper and lower waters to make space for land.  

These lower waters are constantly crying to be reunited above, closer to G-d.

G-d promised that during Sukkos we would do nisuch ha’mayim and elevate those waters to offer them on the mizbeyach.  (Rashi Vayikra 2:13)

There are Jews who unfortunately live in a state of being "lower waters," who desperately want to reunite with their source above.  There are Jews who are even so far from their source that they don't even sense that deep inside their neshoma is crying to reunite with that source.

Rosh haShana comes, Yom Kippur comes, and even the eimas Yom haDin, the fear of these days of judgment, is not enough to elevate these waters.  Sadly, the phenomenon of the two day a year Jew is even becoming a thing of the past, as even the Days of Awe carry little meaning for many people.

It's only Sukkos, zman simchaseinu, that lifts up these waters to the mizbeyach.

It's only through making our simcha contagious that we can elevate these lost souls and reunite them with their source as well.

(Based on Shem m'Shmuel.  Link to a different hesber from 2 years ago from Sefas Emes.) 

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    >>> only Sukkos...lifts up these waters

    if we consider the 70 bulls of the week
    as atoning for the nations, & count the tamid as business as usual, we're left with 2 rams + 14 lambs + 1 goat per day, 17 animals, an allusion to the 'tov' (gematria 17) that wasn't uttered on day two of creation (because of the division of the waters), but that can be expressed with our help thru nisuch ha'mayim...