Friday, August 15, 2014

it's time to act!

Dr. Joseph Frager writes (link) regarding the reaction of American Jews to the treatment of Israel by Obama and the media:
There should have been outrage. Instead there was silence. Going forward, Israel needs to hear from American Jewry more than ever. It is not enough to sit back and say Israel can handle it. Too many lives are at stake. We have the luxury of influencing policy from afar. Midterm elections are coming. Jews can show the President their dismay at the voting booth. The Media can be held with its feet to the fire too.

American Jewry has a responsibility to make sure the Media is fair and unbiased. Blogs, Letters to the Editor, Emails to Media Outlets and Publishers,and overall outrage at the distortion, lies, and irresponsibility all helps. Wake up Jews of America, it is time to act.
I’ve written pretty much the same thing here last week and the week before and the message can’t be repeated enough.  Is anyone out there listening? 


  1. With all due respect, don't be ridiculous. "American Jews" will sell out Israel in a moment for the right to unrestricted abortions and SSM.

    And on that note, a gutten Shabbos.

  2. I realize that you're being sarcastic, but assuming you feel they're both values, and upholding one would result in destroying the other, I wonder what methodology secular humanist Jews would use to decide which is more important.

    1. a) I'm not being sarcastic. This is a long-observed behavior pattern among secular humanist "Jews". J Street and the New Palestinian Agenda are funded primarily by them.

      b) I'm becoming concerned by the frum community also. For your oneg Shabbat:

    2. I see the headline in your link and that's enough for me -- I can't bring myself to look at it. Too painful.


    At least one Reform Rabbi gets it: his real religion is secular humanism, not Judaism (despite the fact that he intends to still call himself 'Rabbi'). He was at least intellectually honest enough to give up his pulpit and live his true calling.

    "Reform Judaism, which is the largest denomination in American Judaism, has a long tradition of social justice and activism, but it can be a challenge to convince many liberal, modern Jews of the need to live out those values in a Jewish context." Absent from the entire article and discussion is just what that Jewish context is supposed to be.