Wednesday, February 11, 2015

where's the outrage?

I could do multiple posts a day every day for reasons to be disgusted with President Hussein and the Democrat party, but there are other blogs to read for that (not that the Republicans are much better…) Killing of Jews by an Islamic terrorist is now just some random act of violence (link)? This takes the cake. But what is more disturbing than President Hussein, from whom I do not expect better, is the lack of reaction to any of what is going on by many of our communal organizations. Where’s the outrage? Where are the marches? Where are the full page-ads? Where are the rallies and sit-in? The laissez faire attitude of American Jewry is incredible.  

Here is the reality we face: Iran is going to get the ability to make a nuclear bomb because this President has no interest in stopping them (link). The EU is going to pressure Israel to pull back to pre-1967 borders (link). European Jewry is under attack (link) and vanishing (link).

I think back to the 30,000 or so Jews who gathered in the streets of NY to say tehillin (read: protest) not because of all of the above – no! They gathered to say tehillim because yeshiva students would have to register for the draft in order to defend our country, our State of Israel (link). This is the only thing that is worth staging a protest for, worth gathering in the streets to be noticed when davening for?! I give up – I have no clue what most of the folks in our community are thinking. 

It is absolutely depressing.  People such as myself have very little power to do anything. I don’t run an organization, I don’t have funds to get the word out, I don’t have political power of influence. I wonder if the little I can do actually makes any difference, but even if it's just a blog post, even if it's just an e-mail to a Senator, it's better than doing nothing. 

One thing we can do that I know does make a difference is to daven -- daven that Hashem overlooks our own stupidity and shortcomings and gives us the help that we may not deserve, but that we sorely need.

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