Sunday, August 09, 2015

don't forget the rest of the story

In discussing the choice before Senator Schumer as to whether to support Obama y'mach shemo's Iran deal or not, I've seen many people make reference to Mordechai's statement to Esther that whether or not she chooses to plead for her people or not, the Jews will be saved -- the only question is whether she will be the instrument of their deliverance and be recorded for posterity as their savior or whether she will fail to seize the opportunity and be forgotten.  I have yet to see anyone make reference to continuation of the story.  Esther agrees to intercede, but she asks something of Mordechai and the Jewish people.  She requests that people fast for three days, a massive expression of teshuvah to Hashem that would bolster her odds of success.  Senator Schumer has made his choice.  The ball is in our court to do our part.  Hishtadlus, attending rallies, calling Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen -- all great things.  But teshuvah, tefillah, tzedaka are also needed.  You can ask for anything you want in shema koleinu three times a day in davening.  I would be afraid to do a poll in shul and ask how many people have added into their tefilos a request for Hashem to help avert this danger.  What is everyone waiting for? 

I read a lot of what some would call right-wing blogs and news sites (I call them sane or common sense).  So many comments I have read online and heard on the radio reiterate the same theme: 75% of Jews supported Obama.  We elect the Schumers of the world, the Gillibrands.  We constantly support the Democrat party.  We made this bed, not it's ours to enjoy sleeping in.  What can you say to that argument?  On the one hand, good for Dershowitz for coming to speak at the rally in Time Square; on the other hand, how many times have I written what a fool he (and others like him) is for criticizing Obama, but then supporting him and other Democrats every election cycle, without fail.  I can't remember the last time I voted for anyone with a D next to his/her name running in a national election.   But I am in the extreme minority.  Our community needs to wake up.

Last point: Who doesn't recognize the code words when President Y'mach Shemo talks about money and lobbyists who control Congress?  I'm glad at least Tablet Magazine is not afraid to it what it is: outright anti-Semitism.  Too bad no one else has the guts and courage to stand up and say that talk like this is not acceptable from anyone, even the President of the United States. 

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