Friday, December 25, 2015


My daughter has a bad habit of reading news on a so called frum site and leaving the browser open so I end up seeing it when I sit down at the computer.  I like to avoid seeing the gross stupidity out there.  Anyway, since the damage is done, does anyone else find the juxtaposition of these pieces a little ironic?

A) A story about a massive anti-IDF demonstration on 10 Teves, because who needs an army to protect us, right?  Who even needs a government? 

B) A story about the good news of the Israeli government allocating 83 million shekel to chareidi educational institutions.


  1. Without actually getting into the issues, in all fairness, many of the big Rabbanim who attended the first demonstration don't accept government money for their institutions. (On those that do accept government money, I agree that you have a kashya...)

    With respect to yeshivaworld itself, the (mostly unstated, but it's clear that this is their position) position of the site is not in line with those at the demonstration (rather with the more moderate faction led by Rav Shteinman.) I believe yeshivaworld was just reporting the news but that ought not be misconstrued as support for the rally.

    1. Sorry, I didn't mean that the site supports the rally. I think the site just collects stories and the comments to them go both ways.