Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ani v'lo malach

Earlier in the week I posted Rashi's comment that when the time for geulah came, Klal Yisrael was bereft of mitzvos so Hashem had to give them milah and korban pesach to work on.  This, says Sefas Emes, is why the redemption is described as happening b'yad chazakah.  It took more effort kavyachol because the people did not have the zechuyos necessary.

Instead of doing things the difficult way, couldn't Hashem have simply given people the means, the opportunity, the motivation to earn the necessary zechuyos?

Sefas Emes answers that the reason yetzias Mitzrayim is so special and the reason it serves as the paradigm for future geulah is because it shows that Hashem can and will redeem Klal Yisrael even without zechuyos.  Even if we have not earned it, geulah is still possible.

We say in the Haggadah that Hashem took us out of Egypt "lo Al ydei malach vlo al ydei saraf...". Every time a Jew does a mitzvah it creates a malach to be his meilitz upstairs.  When it came time to leave Egypt we didn't have mitzvos - there were no melachim to serve  as our advocates!  Nonetheless, Hashem brought us geulah (R Yitzchak Menachem m'Aleksander). So too with respect to every individual, no matter how low a madreiga he/she may be on, no matter how many or how few zechuyos, Hashem can pluck that person from misery in a moment and bring them redemption.

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