Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Notes from the Underground - Day 10

A few Tiferes Shlomo's to get through the day:
1) "V'lakach hu u'shechino ha'karov el beiso..."  Does the Torah need to give you the address of your neighbor -- "ha'karov el beiso?"  Why not just say "shecheino?"
Unfortunately, too often you can have a neighbor who is not exactly "karov el beiso," and I don't mean because of a virus.  The Torah is hinting to us that if you want a korban pesach, then put your issues aside -- we need to be close with our neighbors and friends, especially in times like these. 
2) Another Tiferes Shlomo: Long before Moshe Rabeinu arrived on the scene in Egypt, Yosef was struggling to maintain his kedusha in Mitzrayim.  "Va'yivarech Hashem es beis ha'Mitzri biglal Yosef..."  Why should the aku"m owner of Yosef get to reap the brachos and hatzlacha brought about by Yosef's tzidkus? 
Explains the Tiferes Shlomo: "mitzri" is the same gematriya as "Moshe."  That's the "beis Mitzri" who benefited years after Yosef was gone. 
3) "Ba'erev tochlu matzos" -- the root a-r-v is like we say every morning in birchas haTorah "v'ha'arev na" -- it should be pleasing and pleasant.  (The Rishonim explain the issur achila after karov l'mincha on erev yom tov (Pesachim 99) is to be able to have an appetite for eating the matzah, as that is a hidur mitzvah in the ma'aseh achila.)  Some years that is harder to do than others, but hopefully to some degree we can be mekayein not just eating the matzah, but eating it b'areivus
4) My wife just warned me that my post would be about a bunch of philosophizing and I would ignore important things like reminding people to make an eiruv tavshilin.  
REMINDER: make an eiruv tavshilin before yom tov.


  1. "2) ...reap"

    what blessing did Moshe "'ha'Mitzri'" receive?

    Yosef was appointed to run Potiphar's house because the Name of Heaven was often in his mouth (Rashi 39:3). Moshe was blessed to run Pharoah's house (Rashi 2:11a) even though he was speech impaired [the Name of Heaven >unused<, that it not be misspoken].

    Moshe returns the favor, offering Yosef the merit of his encounter at the sneh (Devarim 33:16), increasing thus that very merit [an encounter lacking the excuse of impaired speech (Shemos 4:10), as if Yosef had done the speaking instead of Double Agent 345...]

    1. to clarify: Yosef's initial appointment and pattern for success, owed to his early, frequent mention of the Name of Heaven; his >ongoing*< use of the Name spoke, as it were, for Moshe (who shied from using the Name lest he tear the word)...

      *netzach; endurance; victory!