Tuesday, November 03, 2020

kicking the can down the road

There is no need to talk about why you should not vote for the candidate that supports abortion, LGBTetc, higher taxes, green energy and the destruction of the oil industry, BLM and Antifa, the imposition of a "two state solution" = treating Israel like a criminal country, etc. in today's election. This is aleph beis.  The mistake some people will make is thinking that there are "safe" candidates within the party that supports all that.  Don't be fooled. 

But there is an even bigger mistake.  From what I hear and read it is clear to most people in our community that a vote for the D party is a vote against our interests, to the point that people realize that if the Ds are in charge life for us here will not be so good and maybe those aliya plans need to be looked at more realistically and moved up in time.  But if the R's win, then shalom al yisrael.

The truth is that even with the R's in charge, we're just kicking the can down the road. The only difference is the amount of time we have bought for ourselves. 

The loonies on the left will not go away if Trump wins any more than they went away after his first victory.  American society will not change for the better overnight.  And in our own communities, between the assimilation rate, the high costs of Jewish life here, the secular values that penetrate our self-imposed ghettos willy-nilly, the lack of true depth in religious fervor and experience, how much longer do you think this can go on?   

It's up to us to use whatever time we have here wisely. To stop building multi-million dollar mansions in chu"l and instead put that $ toward a home in Eretz Yisrael.  To produce graduates from our schools that can speak Ivrit without saying things like "Ani tachas omeid" when they want to say "I understand" (thanks to daughter #3 for that one).  For Rabbis and teachers and of course parents to encourage our kids to build there future elsewhere, even if it means giving up the lucrative career or life in the suburbs -- those are not Jewish values last time I checked.  

Let's not wait until fear forces difficult choices upon us.   אמר עולא ייתי ולא איחמיניה וכן אמר [רבה] ייתי ולא איחמיניה 

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