Friday, October 08, 2021

when crazy becomes the norm

 R' Bachyei 8:14 writes:

 ואעפ״כ לא יצא עד שהורשה לצאת ואמר לו הקב״ה צא מן התיבה כי מפני שבא לתוכה מפני מצות ה׳ יתעלה לא רצה לצאת משם כי אם במצותו.

ואמרו במדרש כי מכאן למדו חנניה מישאל ועזריה שלא רצו לצאת מתוך כבשן האש עד שצוה להם המלך,

Noach did not leave the teivah until he was ordered to by G-d.  Chananya Mishael and Azarya did not leave the burning furnace they were throw in until ordered by G-d.

You would think someone trapped in a boat for a year, or someone tossed in a burning furnace would leave as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  But no -- Noach waited, Ch"M"v'Az waited until they were ordered out before leaving.

No matter how difficult the condition, people become acclimated to it and will refuse to deviate, even to return to what once the status quo.

Look what has happened to our own society in less than 2 years.  Will we ever return to normal?  Do people even remember what normal is anymore?


  1. Yes, we will return to normal. In your lifetime did anyone ever mention the 1918 pandemic? Or the big outbreaks of polio in the 1950's? Did we have any medical precautions in place to prevent the spread of cholera?
    People are slow but stubborn. Within a few years and with a successful vaccination campaign this will all end and we'll find something new to worry about.

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