Monday, February 14, 2022

personal purim

There is a din that if one experiences a personal miracle of some sort, one should make a day of celebration, a personal Purim, and commemorate it every year.  If the miracle occurred in a regular year in Adar, which Adar should it be celebrated in during a leap year?  There seems to be a blatant stira in Mishne Beurah.

The MB 686:8 writes:

ומי שנעשה לו נס באדר ונדר לעשות פורים כשיבוא שנת העיבור צריך לעשות הפורים באדר שני:

Yet the MB writes in 697:2 writes:

מי שאירע לו נס באדר וקבל ע"ע לעשות תמיד יום משתה ושמחה אם אירע בשנה פשוטה עושה בראשון 

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  1. The language is different. The first says "neder" and then second is "took upon himself" which might imply less force than a neder.
    I looked it up in the Dirshu edition and was disappointed. All it says there is "Hey, yeah, there's a contradiction." The Shaar HaTziyyun gives different references for each opinion too.