Monday, July 11, 2022

Biden's trip to Israel

 Looking into my crystal ball, I see the Biden trip to Israel resulting in: 

1. Increased "aid" (i.e. $ to subsidize terror) for the PA

2. Demand to block housing development in Yesh"a and parts of Yerushalayim

3. Reiteration endless times of support for a "two state solution" (i.e.  terror state alongside our state)

4. No meaningful statement regarding Iranian terror or the threat of their developing nuclear arms

When you have a weak, feeble brained President and an anti-Israel State Dept always willing to bend to the demands of Jew haters, no good can emerge.  I sooner trust the Saudis to stand up to Iran at this point than I trust the White House, so the need for Saudi oil may be the only thing holding the US back from complete capitulation.

Let's see if I am on the mark and how bad the damage is.


  1. Please stay away from politics. It cheapens you to give the impression that you have some preference for the Avi Avos HaTumah the former president.


  2. He visited the PA and told them that now wasn't the time for them to have a state. Hugely disappointing for them.
    He didn't say much about building in Yesha and Yerushalayim.
    He did talk about the 2 State solution but these days that's like liberals who start every conversation with "Trump is awful!" It's just a verbal reflex.
    He did state he wouldn't let Iran have the bomb.
    Mind you, in the past he stated he wouldn't let the Woke run the Democratic party, and that pushing trillions of dollars into the economy wouldn't cause inflation and that hobbling US energy development wouldn't lead to him going to Saudi Arabia and begging the Arabs for more oil. So take it for what it's worth.
    I think the visit was positive. He demonstrated tremendous respect for the Holocaust survivors he met at Yad Vashem and looked like the Maccabiah was the beest party he'd ever been to.