Monday, November 28, 2022


How much does "diversty" and LGBTQ+ rights really matter to those who trumpet their support for such things?  In the case of World Cup athletes, we now know the answer.  No less than seven European countries planned to have their teams or team captains wear a rainbow colored armband to indicate their support (or so CNBC tells me) of "diversity and inclusion," whatever that means.  However, FIFA disapproved of the move and threatened to sanction teams for doing so by issuing a yellow card to players who violate the rules.

Now, I am admittedly not a big soccer fan, so maybe I don't see things quite the way fans do, but from what I understand a yellow card is just a warning.  The player has not yet been ejected, but would be if a second yellow card were issued.  Once a player gets 2 yellows, they are also automatically have to miss a match.  So it is a pretty steep penalty.  But it's also just a penalty.  Against just ONE player. In what is just a GAME. 

What does it say about the character of players whose commitment to human rights is shut down because they may get a warning penalty in a mere game? 

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  1. The Woke are bullies. They're good at assaulting weak opponents and fold in the face of determined opposition. Why is there such a hue and cry over wanting to cancel their parade in Jerusalem when they're not even allowed to be in Moscow or Mecca?