Monday, November 07, 2022

we don't live in a bubble

This article is one of the best I have read on why you should vote Republican, and I think when you examine the reasons it's easy to guess why some communities like Satmar have done the wrong thing and endorsed Hochul and other D's in NY.  

My guess is that certain communities are convinced that they live in a bubble, isolated from society at large, and therefore whether this candidate or that promotes LGBT... (I lose track of all the letters in use these days) rights, whether they waste money on fruitless "climate change" policies, whether they allow abortion even post-birth, whether the public schools are destroyed, whether criminals roam the streets outside their bubble, etc. all don't matter.  These are non issues in the bubble.  

What then does matter?  Here's a great example.  The D candidate has honed in on one thing that will get the community endorsement  -- $$$.  Bring home the bacon.  Large government means large $ to funnel to those who depend on it.  

The problem is that no community is a bubble anymore.  The trends in society at large eventually make it into our communities, some more so, some less so.  I am not just talking about criminals that roam the streets freely in NY and are now a danger to our communities.  In 1996 then President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage bill into law, defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.  These days, D's cannot even define what a woman is anymore.  I am talking about issues like that.  In 1996, an LGBT whatever club in YU would have been unthinkable.  Yet look at where we are today.  

It would be nice if we were to care about what happens in society at large lishma, i.e. because we want the world to be a better, more moral, safe, equitable place to live.  But even if all the motivates us is a selfish concern for our own small corners of the world, we cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on out there.

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