Monday, March 10, 2014

the crux of the issue in one sentence

Rabbi Yair Hoffman writes:

"Serious-minded Chareidi Jews do not merely recite the words of the blessings of the Shma perfunctorily. No. When they recite the words, “Ki haim chayeinu – for they are our life – v’orech yameinu and the pathways of our life..” – they truly mean it."

B'mecholas kvodo, Rabbi Hoffman, those of us who do not identify with the Chareidi world also recite those same words -- and we truly mean it as well.


  1. But apparently non-Chareidis do not believe it enough that we would cheat in elections so that we get a Chareidi mayor (Beit Shemesh re-elections tomorrow)

  2. And all the Jews throughout history who fought, and died, to protect other Jews, didn't truly mean it. Or those who worked for a living.