Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chanukah and school vacation

My daughters did not get off for Thanksgiving this year, although their school has given off for this day in the past. I guess the local more-to-the-far-right school has succeeded in setting the agenda. They do have off this weekened, under the guise of Chanukah (don't call it New Year) vacation.


  1. I always had a problem with the idea that religious day schools must do everything they can to avoid secular holidays. They accomplish little and put an unfair burdon on parents who often are given vaction at that time and not others. I'm sorry. That isn't Chinuch. It's Yuahara on the part of the school. They want to show off how Frum they are by having school on Thanksgiving. Yypically you will hear comments like, "Thanksgiving is not our holiday, why should we be Mevatel learning on that day?!" They don't want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Fine. But don't penalize the rest of the family by denying them the abiltiy to take a few days off, travel, or visit family out of town.