Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is Kollel a Job?

am always surprised that the local kollel members are mostly not around in the bais medrash at night. If learning was a job with a salary, then it makes sense that there are sedarim when you are on the clock, scheduled lunch and other breaks, and then you punch out. But if kollel means you are devoted to being "klei kodesh", then shouldn't that mean it is a lifestyle, not a job, i.e. you don't punch out at 5:00? I don't know if things are the same elsewhere, or is the local kollel particularly weak. The excuse that they need "family time" doesn't pass muster - when Rabbis preach that their ba'alei batim be kovei ittim, that also comes at the expense of "family time" considering the average guy gets home from work at 7:00 or later, needs to eat, and daven ma'ariv, etc., but is still expected to give up an hour or more to have a seder. You can't slice it both ways.


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Reb Chaim thats telling them off. Good luck with your blog.


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