Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yosef and Bitachon (III)

With this background we are better able to appreciate R' Tzadok haKohein's approach in Pri Tzadik (I am writing it with slight variation). R' Tzadok argues that Yosef had perfected his tzadikus except for the inescapable residual effects of the cheit of Adam haRishon, and this is what led to the mistake of relying on the Sar HaMashkim. Adam HaRishon wanted to bring about Hashem's dominion over the world, but wanted his own efforts and hishtadlus, his own da'as, to be part of the equation. Because of that, man's entire worldview became tainted with that little bit of "me" that effects every thing we do, think about, or observe. Yosef knew Hashem's plan for his escape through the Sar HaMashkim, but he could not leave that alone without attempting to play some role in its occurring.


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