Friday, March 17, 2006

Nes Nistar greater than Nes Galuy

Echoing the MahaRaL's idea of nes nistar davka being on a higher madreiga than nes galuy (see previous posts), R' Nachman writes (56:4): "Know that the Torah dressed in the garment of 'hatara b'toch hastara' is specifically a very profound Torah, which means secrets of Torah. Since the Torah must descend to the lowest places, to those who have transgressed often, to those to whom Torah is hidden in a 'hastara toch hastara', Hashem needed to design a vessel to act as a levush from which the klipos cannot draw inspiration and cause great harm. Therefore Hashem hid and clothed there profound and very deep secrets of Torah, which is Hashem's own Torah, so that the klipos should not draw influence from it. This is like "V'avarti b'Eretz Mitzrayim" - I and not a Malach, I and not… etc., I Hashem, etc. Specifically in Mitzrayim, the land of many klipos, there was found hidden and clothed the presence of Hashem himself, meaning Hashem's Torah itself, the secrets of Torah…"
R' Nachman himself clothed his deepest insights in simple folktales that have profound meaning.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Reb Zevin (In L'Torah Ul'Moadim) describes a very similar idea in the name of the Zohar (which might be the Maharal's source). He contrasts Purim to Y"T. Basically, the more apparent our experience with Godliness, the further away God is from us. When He is close amongst us, though, that’s when He needs to clothe himself in Teva. L’mashal, when a king invites you into his chambers, it is indeed a great honor. It is a far greater honor, though, when the king visits you in your house. Purim is when the King visits us in our house.

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