Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shiur of matanos l'evyonim

The Pri Megadim has a safeik what the shir of matanos l'evyomim is, but the Ritva (Megilla 7) writes that is is a perutah based on the recent daf yomi Pesachim 32 "ain nesina p'chusa m'shaveh perutah". Tos in Pesachim which we discussed here writes that the shiur of shaveh perutah is only a din in tashlumin (see Ritva Gittin 20a that has a slight variation on Tos teirutz; the "old" Ritva is actually the R"Y Kreskas and is published as such by Mossad haRav Kook) which obviously does not apply by matanos l'evyonim where you don't owe anyone money.


  1. According to the latest pamphlets being mailed form Israel, Rav Elyashiv holds l'chatchila you should give $11 and b'dieved $2.
    I am not sure where the calculations come from. I always thought acc. to one shitta you needed to give a shiur seudah which I would think is the amount necessary to buy a sandwich and drink-less than $11.

  2. There are shitos suggested in achronim, but it is sevara b'alma and not based on anything mefurash in the gemara.