Thursday, March 30, 2006


VaYikra el Moshe VaYidaber Hashem eilav...
Why does Hashem's name appear only in the middle of the pasuk, after vaYidaber, and not at the pasuk's opening? - i.e. the pasuk could have said VaYikra Hashem el Moshe vaYidaber... The Noam Elimelech makes this diyuk, along with noticing the little "aleph" in Vayikra that every darshen comments on. This may be derush, but I think lots of times a person feels a calling to engage in a project l'shem shamayim but it thenhas trouble getting off the ground. There is a VaYikra, but the aleph that represents the Shechina is small and hiding, and Hashem's name is not mentioned because his presence is still hidden. Is it worth going forward and continuing? Will this project bear fruit? Sometimes it is only after you decide to jump in and risk going forward, then VaYidaber Hashem.

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