Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shabbos haGadol - machlokes Tosfos and Tur

Tosfos (Shabbos 87b) writes that Shabbos haGadol commemorates the Egyptian civil war which was started on Shabbos, 10 Nissan, when the bechorei Mitzrayim saw Klal Yisrael taking the korban pesach and preparing for geulah and realized that if Egypt does not surrender then their heads are in the noose. The Tur quotes an additional reason for Shabbos haGadol based on the fact that the Egyptians saw their "god" taken as a korban and could do nothing to stop it. Still working on a formulation of exactly what the machlokes here is....
The classic questions everyone asks: 1) Why do we commemorate Shabbos and not 10 Nissan; 2) Why is this nes "gadol" relative to other nissim and makkos. Some answers (by me) here:


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    see likutei sichos from the lubavitcher rebbe zt'l volume 6 page 33. volume 27 page 44, volume 17 page 57

  2. can you summarize? I don't have likutei sichos at home and if it is in yiddish, it is a lost cause for me.