Wednesday, April 05, 2006

They call this charity?

AP reports that three of the Powerball winners who spilt the largest jackpot in history ($365 million) dropped by a homeless shelter to contribute $6000 - and this was linked to on the front page of some web news sites. I will go out of my way to be dan l'kaf zechus and say that the eight winners probably received less than half of their winnings after taxes, so lets say the pool of money is $160 million, divided by 8 winners, means each one got $20 million dollars. Lets also say that each gave $6000 (though the mashma'us was that was the total gift from all three). That means each person parted with .0003% of their earnings for charity and it made front page news!
U'mi k'amcha yisrael, I would bet many of us parted with .0003% of our earnings for kimcha d'pischa charity without thinking twice, without another $19,994,000 in the bank, and without it making headlines. So much for perspective.

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