Sunday, April 09, 2006

'Twas the Sunday before Pesach

...And try to get any bread for lunch! Just put in the second bundle of wash and are going through the kitchen cabinets. Fridge is for later, garbage cans soon... and the clock is ticking! For all the males reading this: I hope you are helping your wives as well : ) Should I do a rant to match all the females blogger on the pain of preparing for pesach? This has been my Sunday project each week for the past three, the one and only day I have free from work. Yet, as my wife knows, I actually get enjoyment of conquering the mess accumulated by 4 kids over an entire year. Just for the record: my wife has been to Brachs, Supersol, Gourmet Glatt, (for those not in 5T - these are the local kosher supermarkets), and Stop and Shop enough times this past week so that our minivan goes there on autopilot. The question is when will cooking commence - that I can't do, so it is all her department. My daughters have been off since last Thursday to "help", i.e. to whine and nag about each minor chore so that the misery of avdus is fully experienced. On top of this, my wife is grading SATs (which was scheduled for this week and can't be put off), and did our taxes before this all started. No, we do not have a housekeeper, cleaning help, etc. Back to work! Maybe some lomdus later....