Friday, June 16, 2006

The Septateuch

According to one opinion in Chazal the parsha of 'Vayehi Binso'a' is set off with special simanim because it is an independent sefer (Shabbos 116). The minimum shiur of letters which define a sefer as having kedushas sefer torah is 85, corresponding to the 85 letters in the sefer of vayehi binso'a (85=gematriya 'peh' - see Noam Elimelech). If so, asks the Rashash, the idea of chamisha chumshei Torah is a misnoner. We should be referring to the Septateuch instead of the Pentateuch!


  1. It's also mentioned in the Bartenura to the thrid perek of Yadayim.

  2. Not to be confused with the Hexateuch.

  3. Oh no! Now we have to change Echad Mi Yode'a!
    What can we use for 5?
    We'll also need to change the covers of every chumash ever printed to Shiv'a Shevi'ei Torah!
    We'll need to stop calling it a chumash!
    We'll need to have 7-volume sets of the Mikra'os Gedolos (1 volume will be tiny)!


    See Rabeinu Bachya on this Pasuk (before the Kabbalistic part which is interesting in and of itself) on the 3-way Machlokes here.