Friday, September 15, 2006

mitzvot lav le'henot nitnu (IV) - kilayim b'tzitzis

R' Shimon Shkop asks a beautiful kashe worth savoring over Shabbos. The issur of kelayim is to have hana'ah from wearing clothing of wool and linen. R’ Shimon asks: According to the Rashba, mitzvot lav le’henot nitnu teaches us that even when there is physical hana’ah associated with a mitzvah, we look at the act purely as a ma'aseh mitzvah and discount completely the hana'ah. If one is wearing a garment of kilayim for the sake of the mitzvah of tzitzis, based on the Rashba's understanding, the hana'ah derived from wearing the garment is not considered hana'ah; therefore, one is not in violation of the issur kilayim. If so, why do we need a pasuk to teach us that one is permitted to wear tzitzis made from kilayim based on aseh doche lo ta'aseh - since mllh"n, there is no hana'ah here and no violation of the lo ta'aseh!?


  1. yehuda2:13 PM

    Can't the Rasb'a answer simalrly to before that since tzitzos is a mitzvah kiyumis and one doesn't have to wear them we need the posok for the case where someone is wearing a garment of 4 corners only for the sake of the garment ALONE.Without the posek we might think he may not wear such a garment with shatnez.On shittos H'Rasba that a maayshe mitzvoh on shabbos is always a d'rabonon as a melocha sh'ain tzorich l'gufuh since mitzvos lav l'henos nitnu the Satmer rebbeh (Rav Yoel)asks a similar kashe to above.Why do we need a posok to be matter milah and hakrovas korbonos on shabbos if they are only d'rabnon to begin with?IMHO perhaps you can answer we need the pesukim for a mohel or kohen who sole intention is the financial gain he is making off it.(similar to the opnion of most poskim that a paid individual in many cases does not have a din osek b'mitzvoh to pattur him from succoh like other oskey mitzvah)

  2. Just found that you asked the same question here.

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