Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am contemplating what to do with this blog after Yom Tov. Around the Yamim Tovim the posts naturally focus on inyana d’yoma, and during the rest of the year there are always sugyos that come up in the parsha and other tidbits, but I think I am missing something by not having a particular kavua focus. Since I am not learning daf yomi and other sites do that well already (e.g. dafnotes, linked to on the side), that’s not for me. Unfortunately my workplace is relocating as well, adding to my daily commute and give me even less time to devote to this. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions. Some tentative thoughts: focus on Minchas Chinuch or some other sugya based sefer; focus on an area of halacha; focus on parshiyos in chumash (harder for me to make time to do).


  1. yehuda12:51 PM

    I like your blog the way it is.If you want a quick easy focus how about discussing either the kitzur shulcan oruch or misnayis yomi.

  2. the best ideas come from whatever you happen to be thinking about. I love your site's unique blend of lomdus and chassidus. Just keep it the way it is, whenever you think of something to write, just write it. Focusing on certain things would ultimately be a limit on what you can write about.

  3. I think that having k'vi'us within each individual week is nice, but otherwise I agree with RCh"Q that whatever topic strikes you at any given time would be great.

  4. I join the chorus here. But if you want an real world book to use as a focus, I might suggest Rabbi Herzog's Main Institutions of Jewish Law, which can have five or six points of discussion per page. (Not coincidentally, I'm reading the second volume at the moment--groping might be a better word than reading, however.) And if you choose to focus on a particular area of halacha, please make sure it's an area that's not covered too well in English language sources. There are plenty of places online which can inform you how not to do business on Shabbat; there are far fewer places which can inform you how do business the other six days.

  5. anon18:59 AM

    I echo the other comments - ein adam lomed ela mah she-libo chafetz. The most interesting and insightful ideas will come from things you are interested in. If you think it will be helpful for you to be kovea something, that's great. I think focusing on lomdus keeps it more interesting -- I'd be interested even if you just give us your thoughts on whatever you happen to be learning. Whatever you decide, just keep it going. I had been looking for some time for a very serious learning blog/internet source, without much success (there are some exceptions)-- until I found this. Thanks and continued hatzlacha!

  6. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Rav Tzaodik HAcohen
    RISISE LAYLAH or any others especialy good if you could to his parsha hashavuah stuff it so broad you can take where ever you want

  7. HarmonicJew11:01 PM

    Yaya I'm with anon1 and the rest.
    Cuz it took me forever, searching through tons and tons of Jewish Blogs, to find a blog acutally devoted to Torah. And while other people's rants and all that stuff is cool i guess (and i enjoy reading some of that too). Its really great to ahve your blog to come to every day or so to read some good and hardcore torah. And i thank you for taht, and just keep up with how you've been doing.