Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For those in 5Towns - new chaburah starting this week!

For those who live in the 5 Towns (particularly Lawrence-Cedarhurst) and can fight off the Friday night slumber for a bit:

I am trying IY"H to start a new chaburah to learn R' Tzadok haKohein, focussing on the Sefer Kedushas Shabbos as well as insights into the parsha from the writings of R' Tzadok and the Ishbitza.

Time: Friday night, starting this week @ 8:30 (will vary by week)
Place: Tifereth Zvi Beis Medrash, 26 Columbia Ave.
More info: please e-mail me or drop a comment here

"Matana tova yesh li b'beis ginzi, v'Shabbos shema, v'ani mevakesh litna l'Yisrael" - "I have a great gift in my storehouse and its name is Shabbos; I wish to give it to the Jewish people." What is the nature of this great gift? ...The meaning is as stated, "The Jewish people shall keep the Shabbos to make the Shabbos", meaning that G-d has given the Jewish people the power to invest sanctity into the day…above and beyond that which is already inherent in it. This is how "to make the Shabbos" and is the great gift given to the Jewish people. (R' Tzadok haKohein, Pri Tzadik, Braishis, 9)

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  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Wow! More great Torah at TZ's BM!