Monday, November 20, 2006

hiddur mitzvah - ner chanukah, ner shabbos

This is a follow up based on some of the comments to this post. We know that if one does not have an adequate number of candles, ner shabbos takes precedence over ner chanukah (is it almost that time of year?). What would be the din in the following scenario: Erev Shabbos Chanukah falls out on the first day of Chanukah and a person has only 3 candles - since Erev Shabbos will be the second night of Chanukah, 2 menorah candles need to be lit, but on the other hand, the minhag is to light 2 candles for neiros Shabbos. You only have 3 candles, so which mitzvah gets shortchanged?
My 2 cents upfront: ner Chanukah wins, but that’s all I’ll say for now – what’s your sevara to agree or disagree?


  1. Bill Selliger1:35 PM

    I'm with you. The din of mehadrin by neiros Chanuka is prescribed in the gemara and trumps the accepted minhag of two Shabbos candles.

  2. Tal Benschar3:52 PM

    And what about Motzei Shabbos in this scenario???????

    Perhaps one should light two on Friday night (one for Shabbos and one for Chanukkah) and leave over one for Chanukkah the next night (which will be the third night).

  3. 2 for Shabbat is minhag, and therefore cedes priority to 2 for Chanukah.

    But what now seems to be the standard Chanukah candle wouldn't serve for Shabbat candles, would they?