Friday, November 24, 2006

p' toldos - Yitzchak's reaction to having been tricked

Upon discovering that someone has usurp’s Eisav’s brachos, Yitzchak cries out (27:33), “Mi eifoh hu hatzad tzayid va’yavei li va’ochal m’kol b’terem tavo va’avaracheihu” – “Who was it that trapped food, brought it to me, I ate all of it before you came, and I blessed that person…”
The pasuk seems to stress the ancillary details of trapping, cooking, bringing the food, and Yitzchak's eating before getting to what we expect is the true focal point - the fact that the brachos have been stolen. Perhaps the wordiness serves to emphaisze that this was no casual pop-in who Yitzchak mistakenly blessed, but someone who had devised a careful plan with deliberate intent to deceive. My wife suggested a clever reading: perhaps the word “tzad” is a double entendere, referring not just to the trap laid for animals, but the trap laid for Yitzchak himself!


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  2. i noticed it and read it like this. earlier in the parsha, we read that yitzchak loved esav 'ki tzayid be-fiv' - which, accrding to the pashtanim (and the overwhelming emphasis of 'tzayid' and 'sadeh' in the story of the brachos) means basically, that esav fed yitzchak from what he caught.
    in this passuk, it is dawning on yitzchak that perhaps yaakov, too, 'has it in him' to be that hunter/man-of-the-field but chose a different path.

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