Sunday, December 17, 2006

chareidi and chiloni: a thought from Rav Kook

"One who is a 'chareid', that is one who identifies with the group known as 'chareidim', looks down at the group of 'chofshim' from a position on high. In thinking of tikkun, of mending ways and doing tshuvah, he looks with wanting eyes at this second group who are so distant from Torah and mitzvos and thinks that tshuvah in its fullest sense is needed only from them, the words are directed only to the other camp, but apply not to himself. And the 'chofshi', that is one who identifies with the group known by this modern term, he certainly things the entire concept of tshuvah belongs only to the world of the 'chareidi', but has no relavance for his life at all. So on both ends we come up short, and we are left wondering from whence will come healing for the pains of our souls?"
--Koveitz Ma'amarim of R' Kook, cited by Tzvi Yaron in Mishnato shel haRav Kook, p. 359

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