Monday, March 12, 2007

bar mitzvah

Today is my son’s Hebrew birthday and therefore his official bar mitzvah. Those of you who are regular readers and are in the 5 Towns for Shabbos are invited to drop in for kiddush at Mesivta Rambam; 8:30 start for davening. My son plans to lein both VaYakhel-Pekudei and Parshas haChodesh (fortunately for the olam he tends to go too fast, because done at typical bar-mitzvah boy speed the leining has the potential to make for a l o n g davening : ) and IY”H make a siyum on mesechet megillah, so he has had his work cut out for him the past few months.

As to why the minhag is to celebrate bar mitzvah on Shabbos and not on one’s birthday, well I guess you will just have to show up to hear some of the divrei Torah that may answer that question.


  1. yehuda r1:07 PM

    Mazel Tov! May you and all of kllal yisroel be zoche to reap much naches fron him.

  2. But, Chaim, some boys do celebrate their bar mitzvahs during the week rather than on Shabbos (it eliminates having to put up relatives) Are you suggesting Shabbos is an essential component as it is for a Shalom Zachor?

  3. Thank you all for the mazal tovs. And yes, I am suggesting that Shabbos is an essential component, as minhag yisrael overwhelmingly is to celebrate on Shabbos. Even those who celebrate during the week will get an aliya on Shabbos.

  4. kishnevi12:05 AM

    Mazal tov, and may fountain pens be the least he receives. As it happens, he misses the optimal birthdate by one day :) I was born on 23 Adar.
    But for reasons I was not privy to, I was bar mitzvahed with KiTisa-Parah on the Shabbat before (but one day after my secular birthday, which was probably one of the reasons). The usage I understood to be in place at that time was that weekday bar mitzvahs were only for those for whom, through complete ignorance or through disability, appearing before the congregation would be embarrassing to all concerned. And the bar mitzvah (usually with discreet assistance from the chazan) served as ba'al musaf. Which did result in me, at one point, shutting up the rabbi (unintentionally) in mid sentence.

  5. Mazal tov! You should have a lot of nachas from him and he should become a talmid chacham like his father!

  6. Which Divrei Torah answered this question?