Wednesday, March 28, 2007

rectangular seder plate

Seen in a local store: an artistic seder plate which was retangular, with all the seder items lined up in a straight row. I have never seen anything like this - seder plates are traditionally round, with various minhagim as to how/where to place he items on the plate. Would you say there is a preference based on minhag to use a round plate, or is it just a matter of taste?


  1. Tal Benschar2:55 AM

    Start with a more fundamental issue. Is there any requirement of a single "seder plate?"

    I once attended a Seder of a very prominent Rov. There was no single "seder plate" -- his wife simply laid out multiple plates or bowls of each item - a bowl with charoses, a plate with vegetables for karpas, a plate with Romaine lettuce, etc.

  2. Actually, even if you don't have a single plate, you could still arrange the individual bowls in the circular pattern prescribed by minhag. So the quetion still stands.

  3. I suppose it depends if one's primary criterion is ein ma'avirin al mitzvos like the Rema or the connection to the eser sefiros like the Arizal (I summarized his opinion on my blog - with a few gaps - last year)