Thursday, June 14, 2007

korach's error

The Sefer haIkkarim (III:11) writes that in the presence of a great Navi even those who are unprepared to receive prophecy may be able to do so. An example: although the Jewish people were not yet spiritually ready for a direct Revelation by G-d at Sinai, they could “eavesdrop” on the prophetic experience that Moshe was worthy of having, partaking on his coattails in something they could not achieve on their own. Great people transform and elevate those around them.

Korach complained that “kol ha’eidah kulam kedoshim”, the entire nation is holy and Moshe is undeserving of his special status. Perhaps Korach’s mistake was failing to realize that the nation’s achievements do not minimize Moshe's uniqueness – to the contrary, they underscore how much of an impact Moshe had.

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