Tuesday, June 12, 2007

lo tasuru and aveira lishma

Unlike most commentaries that read lo tasuru as a warning against succumbing to temptation or being misled by idolatry, the Netziv reads the issur as a warning against religious antinomianism – following one’s own intuitions about worship instead of the formal rules of the halachic system. According to Netziv, committing an aviera lishma (see Nazir 23) in almost all instanced is a violation of lo tasuru. Based on that approach, the issur is a perfect lead in to parshas korach.

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  1. Hooray! A torah blog that used 'antinomianism'!

    Yasher koach for the Netziv. Reb Moshe used to use that idea for the gemora about "mai ahani lohn rabbonon...velo osru lonu es hayonoh." No matter whether the rebels want greater or lesser issurim, the rebeliousness is to deny the authority of the traditional psak. And many meforshim use it to explain the severe punishment for bama when they are assur.