Friday, June 22, 2007

using "metziyus" as halachic proof - shabbos 63b

Gemara (Shabbos 63b) records the opinion of Tanna Kamma that the tzitz had written on one line “Yud-kay” and on a second line “Kodesh-L”. R’ Eliezar B”R Yosi disagrees and holds that “Kodesh l’Hashem” was written on one line. The proof – R’ Eliezar says that he was in Rome and saw the actual tzitz! Pretty convincing – except we pasken l’chatchila (Rambam Klei Mikdash 9:1) like the Tanna Kamma and ignore what R' Eliezer claims was the metziyus.


  1. Does the Shabsai Frankel edition of the Rambam in כליה"מ have any מו"מ on this issue?

  2. Hey, I guess I shouldn't take any offense about not trusting me re Rav Greenberg either, then :)

  3. I wonder if this would fall under the halachot that each Beit din could change according to rov based on lmudim. in other words let us say that the BD of Ezra decided based on limudim to do it one way a later BD could based on their limudim change it.

    Don't forget the tzitz in Bayit Sheni was not the original one and Ezra had to decide how to make it.