Monday, August 20, 2007

batei din of the shevatim and lo tasur

The Ramban interprets the command to appoint a Bais Din “lishvatecha” to mean that each sheivet had a supreme court that was the final arbiter of issues that related to that sheivet and which was empowered to enact takanos:

כדרך שסנהדרי גדולה ממונה על כל בתי דינין של כל ישראל, כך יהא ב"ד אחד ממונה על כל שבט ושבט
ואם הוצרכו לתקן ולגזור דבר על שבט שלהם גוזרין ומתקנין והיא לשבט כגזרת סנהדרי גדולה על כל ישראל

Although the issur of “lo tasur” applies prima facie only to the Sanhedrin (see Rambam, Chinuch), since the Ramban compares the supreme court B”D of each sheivet to the Sanhedrin, I was wondering whether the issur of lo tasur would extend to their takanos as well.


  1. Bill Selliger9:51 AM

    Maharitz Chiyus Ma'amar Lo Sasur. Time to get one of those already.

  2. I was waiting for you to chime in on divrei kabbalah : )