Friday, October 12, 2007

chiyuv to have an afro-puff hairstyle?

From the Detroit Free Press (LINK):

A Wayne County judge today ordered a Detroit charter school to temporarily readmit [a student] whose Afro-puff hairstyle violates the school's dress code.

"This young man has been out of school for more than a month," Wayne County Circuit Judge Kathleen Macdonald said before ordering Old Redford Preparatory High School student Claudius Benson II, 14, who hasn't had a haircut since he was 4 years old because of his mother's Old Testament religious beliefs. He was suspended on Sept. 6.

Ok, can someone please find me the Old Testament source that requires an “Afro-puff hairstyle”? Is this some type of kiyum of nezirus? (If you are as ignorant as I am as to what an Afro-puff is, the article has a picture).

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  1. I was classmates and friends with some Chrisitian sisters who were part of some obscure sect that never cut their hair, although their father and brothers had cropped cuts. Recently I saw a family in a museum that must have been from the same sect (long hair that was secured in braids against the head--they never wore their hair "wild,", long skirts, a certain demeanor).

    I've never heard anything like this for men, but there could be another sect that follows its own minhagim.