Monday, October 08, 2007

some random thoughts

Now that I got in some Torah, some other post-Yom Tov random thoughts:

After attending no NY Mets games this entire season, I planned to start Chol haMoed with a visit to Shea. Lo and behold I found myself with tickets to what most NYers assumed would be one of the great games of all time. Game over before we even made it from the parking lot to our seats. Please do not re-sign Glavine.

Why do people think there is a mitzvah to beat every leaf off their hoshanos and leave them scattered over the shule floor?

Parshas Braishis is too long to start shnayim mikra Friday afternoon after hakafos and finish before seudas Shabbos – or perhaps I should say I was not up to the task. When Tosfos (Brachos 8b) writes that shnayim mikra can be started from the mincha of the preceding Shabbos because we begin leining the next parsha then, did you think that applied to Braishis as well even though we leined Zos haBracha at the preceding mincha?

Regular readers here know that I sometimes like to write about thinking skills and problem solving. Just finished reading and highly recommend How Doctors Think by Dr. Jerome Groopman. The book discusses the heuristics and cognitive skills doctors use in diagnoses and deciding on treatment. Do other professions have a unique set of cognitive skills that successful practitioners master? My guess is yes – I wonder if research has been done on this.

My son asked whether during hakafos he should rest the Torah on his right shoulder as most people do, or on his left because he is a lefty. I thought he should follow everyone else – see Mishna Berura 134:14; right and left here have nothing to do with one’s stronger hand. If you are a lefty and disagree or have heard differently, please explain.

Are Cliff and Spark brothers, both members of the Notes family? Just wondering...

Yom Tov proves that it is possible to live without blogging. But that is pashut.


  1. I have added your link to my blog.

  2. Glad to see you are a Mets fan...

  3. >Why do people think there is a mitzvah to beat every leaf off their hoshanos and leave them scattered over the shule floor?

    Here is my answer, from back when I would in fact do this:

    Because it's fun.

  4. Bob Miller1:17 PM

    Halacha/sports interface:

    If a Mets fan drives his family to see the Mets on Chol Hamoed, but the Mets fall totally flat or at least fail to entertain, does that retroactively make the whole trip inappropriate for Chol Hamoed?