Thursday, January 17, 2008

starting again

After some more thought I am going to pick up again. Going forward I am going to try to keep lomdish posts focused on a single sefer so you can follow along inside if you like, everyone will have a better idea as to the progression of topics, and the sugyos will hopefully provide some valuable yesodos. My choice for now is to work through the Kuntres Divrei Sofrim of R’ Elchanan (henceforth: KDS) found in vol 2 of the Koveitz Shiurim. I know some of the ideas touched on are popular topics, some I have written up here before, and some will be new ( to me at least). I will label the posts KDS to make sorting through them easier.

I will still try to do some machshava posts, etc. and other more varied topics as time allows. Also, I'm going to try to keep the posts a little shorter so they are more easily digestible (and less time consuming to write).

The blogpshere seems filled with so much trash and bad thinking that I'm skeptical whether good posts make any difference or are simply bateil to an overwhelming rov, but I'm putting the kashe aside for now.


  1. Happy to see you're back. KDS sounds like a good idea -- looking forward to more of your excellent and thought provoking posts.

  2. Also looking forward to your posts again. I don't think you can look at good posts as batel b'rov though. If you see that you have a certain number of readers/day, then those people are actually seeing your writing by its self for some period of time. They aren't merely looking at some sort of "average" quality collected for the blogosphere at large.

    -Dixie Yid

  3. The good posts can't become batel because they are "devarim chashuvim".

    I would love to hear you expand on your observations in the last paragraph. And, more generally, on your ruminations during your hiatus from blogging. A window into your soul would be instructive for all of us.

  4. The issue is whether the net is like a beis hakisei/gilui ervah, and assur be'divrei Torah because of machanecha and lo yeira'eh becha, or like Mitzrayim, davka the place that Yakov was zocheh to Aspaklaria Hame'ira because of the stark contrast between the hashpa'a of the makom tum'ah and his kedusha. It would seem to me that firewalls should have a din mechitza, so the second me'ahalach is correct.