Thursday, November 20, 2008

Divrei Torah: Parshas Chayei Sarah

In the course of around 2 years of blogging I have never been interested in producing yet-another-sheet-of-vortlach on a weekly basis. I'm still not interested in doing quite that, but I have some extra time on my hands and figure maybe a weekly parsha sheet is not a bad idea. Parshas hashavua is "davar ha'shaveh l'chol nefesh" -- it is something that a great many people can connect to, which is not always true of more "lomdish" topics. I can't promise I can do better than anyone else (especially given the nice comments here by Anonymous and others), but an extra helping of divrei torah on the 'net never hurt and maybe some more people will enjoy reading.

I was thinking about how to do this to avoid a too long blog post and decided create a .pdf that you can download/print and posted it over at Lulu as a free e-book. Here's the link. If someone has a better idea, please let me know. Feel free to share the divrei Torah with others.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    "Lo Rav Lalechem Vlo Rov Lmayim Elah Ldivrie HAshem"
    Ken Yirbu

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    And since you p-aid me such a compliment i felt obliged to add these
    Parshas Chayah Sarah

    ותשא רבקה את-עיניה, ותרא את-יצחק; ותפל, מעל הגמל
    What did Rivkah see that caused her to fall off her camel?
    To start Avraham was Misakin Shachris, Yitzchak Mincha, and Yackov Marriv. That would mean at this Point only Shachris existed. Now we understand why Rivkah fell off the Camel she saw her Chosson going to Shachris at 4 in the Afternoon.

    ותמת שרה, בקרית ארבע הוא חברון--בארץ כנען; ויבא, אברהם, לספד לשרה, ולבכתה
    What does it mean לספד לשרה who else would he say a eulogy for?
    The answer is sometimes at funerals you hear the Eulogy and you know the person .Therefore you know it has been more than over-embellished. Here the torah was saying no he was talking about his wife and not an over-embellishment.

    ויען לבן ובתואל ויאמרו, מיהוה יצא הדבר; לא נוכל דבר אליך, רע או-טוב
    Why is a Rasha like Lavan all of the sudden so religious announcing מיהוה יצא הדבר?
    The answer is simple now that the Shidduch is closing it is time to pay the Shadchan now Lavan says no Eliezer it is not you who did it but מיהוה יצא הדבר so you get no pay.

  3. Nice :-) My chavrusa actually asked me over Shabbos about the difference between the ta'anah of the ro'ei Lot and of Avraham's ta'anah to the bnei Cheis, so I was able to whip out the sheet and provide the answer of the Parashas Derachim.