Sunday, December 21, 2008

bitachon - chanukah

Thinking about bitachon in the face of adversity should remind us of giborim b'yad chalashim, resha'im b'yad tzadikim -- it's part of the holiday spirit. Tehilim 112 speaks about the trait of bitachon, but look at the last letters of the words below:

משועה רעה לא יירא
נכון לבו בטוח בה׳
סמוך לבו לא יירא
עד אשר יראה בצריו

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  1. "Chanukah tells us to never give up, no matter how formidable the challenge. When the Hasmonian family realized that they had no choice other than to confront the Greeks and attempt the impossible, they linked up with a force beyond themselves and achieved the impossible. They reached for what beyond their grasp and were thus privileged to initiate events that transcended nature: the victory over the Greeks and the flask of oil which burned for eight days."

    - Rav E.E. Dessler, Michtav meiEliyahu (as translated in "Strive for Truth")