Sunday, March 29, 2009

how to clean for Pesach: a study in contrasts

Hat tip to Mother in Israel for her analysis of Mishpacha Magazine's guide to cleaning for Pesach in just one week (assuming the garage and attic are already done, mind you). All I can say is you never know when you will find a slice of bread stuck to a window, so do use the Windex. Compare that with R' Aviner's tips on how to clean for Pesach in one day. There is one point in particular I would highlight:
Question: Does a husband have to help his wife?
Answer: A husband does not have to help his wife nor does a wife have to help her husband. Rather, the two of them have to clean together since this is a shared home, and it is a shared life as well.
No time to write more -- I'm busy cleaning : )


  1. Barzilai11:05 AM

    I received a forwarded email from a Yitzchok Levine, and I think I remember it verbatim:

    My Shabbos Hagodol drashos are never more than six minutes long. This is what I said last year.

    Ladies, I want to remind you of two things. Dirt is not chometz, and your husband is not the Korbon Pesach.

  2. That's not one week--that's one week of at least four!