Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Kol Brisk"

I noticed a new sefer on the shelves of the seforim store called "Kol Brisk". It looks like it is a collection of chiddushim from the Rav (RYBS) and R' Moshe Soloveitchik and it is dedicated to R' Ahron (couldn't they find a better picture of him than the one on the inside cover?) There is a note on the bottom of the first page that the publisher is unaffiliated with any political group or movement and is putting this out just to share the chiddushim. With apologies if this sefer has been around awhile and I am slow to catch up on news -- does anyone know where these chiddushim come from? Are they from someone who learned by the Rav and R' Moshe, or were they collected from notes, and are they accurate?


  1. I actually bought the sefer. I was told that it is by Rav Aharon's son and is based on a series of shiurim he gives/gave on the radio in Israel. Hence the name kol brisk. The hakdama is veryu interesting-he doesn't hold back in saying why he thinks his father is the real Brisk (as opposed to the Brisk in EY).

  2. The author is indeed Rabbi Yosef Soloveitchik of Yerushalayim.

  3. Chaim, check your mail at kallahmagazine.

  4. Yosef Velvel1:36 PM

    The author is a tremendous talmid chochom who is indeed from the Soloveichik dynasty. His name is R' Yosef Soloveitchik Shlit"a. He a son of R'Ahron zt"l, hence the granson of R' Moshe zt"l, the great nephew of the Rav zt"l, the great-grandchild of R'Chaim zt"l, and the great-great-grandchild of the Bais Halaivi zt"l. They are therefore extremely acurate, and written by someone who has quite a Shaichus with the Briskers.

    p.s. I fully agree about that picture.