Monday, September 07, 2009

kol haschalos kashos

Blogging may be light for awhile because I am starting a new job tomorrow and don't know what the schedule will be like other than it will surely mean less free time in the day. Over the past 9 months I lost the job I had at a major financial company after the meltdown that hit Wall Street. After that I was hired by a small company in a completely different business that was planning a major expansion and was confident that their balance sheet was unaffected by the financial crises. That temp to perm opportunity became very temp when someone woke up from their slumber and did a reality check and discovered that the revenue they had been projecting was non-existent -- expansion was canceled and 1/3 of the company was immediately laid off. Well, round three starts tomorrow at another financial place for another project that will hopefully get a bunch of budget extensions so I can stay for awhile. I should probably make a virtual seudas hoda'ah or something, but virtual food is not so tasty so we will leave it with an expression of hoda'ah for this siyata d'shemaya.


  1. Daas Yuchid10:46 PM

    Maybe time to think of starting something on your won, and join the rest of us who work for complete psychos....ourselves? ;-

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hatzlacha.You will be sorely missed

  3. Ein mezarzin ella le'zrizin: Don't let the pressure to post interfere with your much more serious responsibilities. Hope to hear from you regularly once you've established a firm grip and demonstrated your vital value to the company.

  4. Anonymous6:01 PM

    hatzlacha - a kesiva vechasima tova to you and yours and readers

  5. i wish you hatzlacha as well.

    kol tuv,